Monday, June 24, 2013

Memorial Day Part 2 (One Month Later!)

Here are some photos of our second half of Memorial Day weekend.  We always visit my father-in-law for Memorial Day, remember Miguel's mom, and enjoy some crazy times with our wonderful growing extended family.  This usually means someone is playing the organ, someone is building with blocks or Lincoln logs, someone is holding the "kitty" (a really beleaguered looking thing, but they all fight over it), little girls concocting ideas and trailing around after one another as they implement said ideas, kids go outside to explore the barn or the sheep camp or to traipse through knee high grass, gingerly over-stepping animal pies, or just to watch a long-eyelashed jersey cow crunch down her lunch; the adults get in some conversation, fantastic food while my father-in-law is awake, junk food when he is asleep, some late night games.  We often go for a "picnic" in the mountains-- usually hot dogs.  And often we go fishing.  So nice to enjoy each other's company and a break from every day routines, as well as the beautiful rural surroundings.          

Sorry for the picture glut.  I just couldn't choose.

Sorry if this grosses you out.  The kids enjoyed looking at it.  Below, bro explains.

 I love how sweet his sister is being, too.


 Looking up at some sort of bug.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  That your summer is going well so far!  I may post more this week, because next week we are going on vacation!  Wahoo!

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