Friday, November 23, 2012

Some Funnies

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ok, this month is about over.  So what was going to be a six month update will now have to be a seven month update.  (organized, anyone?)

Here are a few funny or cute sayings around here lately.

From my three year old, when she was two and a half (just found the paper it was written on):

If you stab me with a poker then I will die with my clothes on in the river with the gooses.

The goose rode his scooter through the mud and he fell and broke his arm.

More recently, she and sometimes my six year old have a hard time with the words hamburger and booger.  They call Burger King "Booger King," saying they want a "ham-booger."  But then, when the baby has a runny nose, A will say "E. has burgers!  Wipe his burgers!"  It does not matter what I say, this little confused concoction of words continues.

Baby, who is still interested in trains, confused me one day by saying what I thought was "train" over and over.  Until my hubby pointed out that he was saying my name "Treen!"  "Treen!" (corinne)  It is really super cute.  Reminds me of the time when our oldest was this age and called my husband E-Miguel.  One day I realized he thought his name was "hey Miguel!"  Because I must have said it so frequently.

We thought he was saying "tiger," then "roar," but we figured out he is trying to say "dinosaur."  Those dinos made a big impression (he was so scared in one part that he was literally shaking!  I felt badly...he seemed to be okay the rest of the time, though always a little wary of the beasts).

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