Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Number 2

We enjoyed a gorgeous Halloween evening as the sky deepened into a beautiful indigo, lights from flickering jack-o-lanterns and torches filtering through the darkness, the shouts of excitement and children's delight hanging thick in the air.  We shut up the house, left the porch light on and our spooky candelabra flickering in the window (battery powered), set out a paper plate stacked high with goodies, and attempted to corral our excited children as we set off together.  

We made it around the block, picked up a mummy and some friends along the way, then wended our way home, where we piled in the car and drove to a friend's house.  There we found our friend handing out cotton candy.  As she swirled the colored spun sugar in cotton puffs around and around for a wiggly line of children, lit by a lone lantern, the darkness thick around the edges, some kids tried out the makeshift haunted house in the garage.  They could choose "big scary," "medium scary," or "low scary."  My kids had to try all three, and each time they came out giggling to each other.  On the ride home, we found out our nine year-old had poked one of the "actors" with her sword.  The actor then said a surprised "oh." 

We realized we have never been to a haunted house with the kids-- and had to explain that you don't mess with the scary people, as those ones are our friends and neighbors in disguise, no matter how disgusting they may appear on Halloween night.  My husband and I had a sort of horrified snort-suppressing laugh at that little incident.  We finished the night over a hot bowl of chili with some other friends and yawning droopy sugar coma voices in the car on the way home.

How was your night?  Do you trick-or-treat?  Hand out candy?  Or hide in the dark and wait for all of it to go away?  :)

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