Friday, October 5, 2012

Sort of Horrifically Funny

(Got this whoopee pie mix from Target.  Too bad my mad domestic skills turned out frosting that looked a lot like curdled milk.  But it tasted good-- like butter with a bit of vanilla flavoring. :)  And this spider looks more like a black crab.) 

Some funnies that have happened here lately.

My six year old daughter came home from school while I was changing baby's diaper.  She sat down on the floor next to me in her bright turquoise polka dot shirt, with her yellow hair in wispy curls around her face, like she'd been playing hard at recess that day.  She looked at me with her big gray-ish green eyes and told me all about her day with breathless excitement, the gap in her bottom teeth revealing a short one trying to wriggle its way in.  She said she "was-in-the-library-and-did-you-know-that-Avery-picked-out-a-book-about-a-girl-with-a-green-ribbon-around-her-neck-and, [big eyed pause] if-you-took-the-ribbon-off-her-neck-her-head-would-fall-off?  [sort of horrified look]  Then, as I'm taking it in during her pause, thinking she would think that was scary or weird or disgusting, she said, with an expectant sigh, her eyes widening further, "I wanna get that book."  "Avery-said-I-can-have-it-when-she-is-done-and-I-think-she-is-almost-done-and-do-you-think-she'll-turn-it-in-tomorrow?"

We were talking about dislocations and broken bones while at the dinner table (yum), when the same girl asked  in all seriousness if one can dislocate his/her bum crack.

We've been having little ones get up in the night since school started.  For a while it was both the littlest, getting up in little relays all night long.  (the three year old is now sleeping through the night, since we moved her bed into the nursery next to our room) 

On the night a month ago when I only had my nine year-old and the baby, I let them both sleep with me.  I had crazy delusions that after they were in bed I'd go watch a movie.  But the baby was NOT tired.  While I was getting ready for bed, my nine year old was teaching the baby to lie down on the bed when she said "asleep."  Then she'd say "awake!"  And they'd sit bolt upright and giggle.  Well, after more than two hours I could not get him to sleep!  I finally resorted to lying down with both of them, in a sleepy cloudy stupor as the minutes ticked on and on.  Around 11:30 he stopped just wiggling and started sitting bolt upright and saying "awake!"  over and over.  It made us laugh.  Good, so I didn't cry.

Last night Ava (three years old) said, when it was time to go upstairs "I'm scared of the night.  That the monsters will gobble me.  I'll have to die if they gobble me up and then I'll have dinosaur spit on me."   Sad she is scared.  But cute little saying.

Baby came toddling up to me sans diaper, actually holding his diaper in one of his hands.  Then he said "spill."  I said "show me?"  And he bent his knees and craned his neck over his prodtruding belly and looked right at the offending party in the "spill."  Then I got it. :)

Happy weekend!  I'm super excited for one of my favorite times of year in church, when the prophet/apostles speak.  Anyone can watch, not just Mormons.  See here.

I've worked on my organization this week, but I'm a bit behind!  I'm hoping to wrap up my planning by the end of the weekend; when I'm done I'll let you know how it went.  Until then, I'll miss you, friends!

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