Friday, October 12, 2012

Funny Little Days


An un-ordinary ordinary day around here.  Made a Honeydukes Harry Potter treat box for a friend, almost burning my finger off, an eerie spider visited and my kids grabbed the camera (letting the little feller wander off to do his thing after they were done doing theirs), a little girl who kept calling candy corns "acorns" and wanted them close, very close, until she has had something healthy in order to qualify for an "acorn" to eat, and a little boy who looks down at his shirt and says "truck," even when there are none, so the sucker of a momma bought him another truck shirt (got another great deal!).  (When he plays ring around the rosies, for ashes, ashes, he sings "tractor, tractor.....truck!" (for all fall down)

What did you do today?  I tried to make sense of my dusty study and put some books on my new shelves.  So exciting!  I had some helpers, some dancers, and a little boy who has learned how to say "Hold Nee [me]!  HURRY!"  (I'm discovering I must say that word a little too much)

He is such a copy cat when I was looking at some women's clothes while I waited for one of my girls to try on a shirt for her Halloween costume, he leaned over just like a little woman and pulled a shirt barely aside and said "cute!"  WHAT IS THIS BOY LEARNING FROM ME?  It is downright scary!  Did you see his toenails?  What do you think?  Good mom or bad one?  He would emit a high pitched squeak and put his foot right next to Ava's when I did hers.  One toe was not enough to stop the squeaking noise.  After his toes were done he was so proud!

We rarely kill insects in our house, we usually take them outside in a cup, maybe you think this is weird or gross, but I swear it has helped my kids to be more empathetic and respectful of life.  I try REALLY hard not to say "ick" even though I'm often thinking it!  Even then, we don't quite take it to this extreme.  Kind of funny, don't you think?  What do you do with bugs at your house?  Do you have a certified bug remover-- a certain member of the family designated for this task? 


  1. We have the rule that the spiders and bugs can stay if they stay up high away from us. After that we try to get them outside, if they are willing, if not they get smashed. I have had to paint my boys toe nails for the same reason. I try to insist on black or blue for the color though. Your kids are so adorable!

    1. I've noticed some little jumping spiders that like my windows. They were so little and seemed to stay put right in the windows, that I just left the tiniest ones, until I found an egg sack! Then I decided that maybe I'd keep taking them out. But I'm much less afraid of them than I used to be, so that is a good sign. Good idea on the toenails! I'll have to remember that the next time we have a little boy who wants them done.