Friday, October 19, 2012

Harry Potter Care Package

I'm a little embarrassed to even post this, because it is sorta like, look at me!  But, to borrow from another blogger, what is the point of blogs if you can't brag about pointless stuff like that (here)?  I also thought it might be fun in case anyone else wants to do something nice for someone they love before the month of October is over!

I have some dear friends in another state that I miss very much.  This was easy and fun.  I already had these cute treat boxes I bought at my local grocery store.  And the Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans (here).  And a chocolate frog mold (here-- cheap!).  I used to be so intimidated making my own chocolates but it is so easy! (instructions here ...I just melt my chocolate in the microwave, spoon it into the mold, freeze it for 20 minutes, and Voila!)  I bought some fizzy or otherwise weird candies that fit in with Harry Potter themes, then I took ordinary candies and made labels on my computer using the Blackadder font and brown scrapbook paper that looked old, then burned the edges right over my gas stove (hmmm...not recommended, I almost burned my fingers off).  If I had more time, I would have tried to make cuter wrappings with bows or something fun but I didn't have much time so I just wrapped them in Saran Wrap.  And put a label on top addressed to the witches or wizards on such-and-such Drive, from the witch at Honeydukes, _______ (state) division.

So fun and easy!

Just for a little pick-me-up today, here are some photos of E in the headband he has been wearing around.  It is so funny.  Suddenly I'll see him wearing this headband.  He will wear it in various positions, take it off and put it on over and over all day (the last couple of days).  I think it is super cute.  Kind of funny I had some pictures of him vrooming his cars all around in his headband.  (sorry, they were all blurry!)  When he puts the headband on he will sometimes say, in a high-pitched, pleased voice: "pretty....boy!"

Can you tell he has three older sisters?  (Today one of them said, "love you sonny!" and he said "!"  so cute)

Happy weekend!  We have been a bit lazy around here with no school the last two days.  We might go do something fun this afternoon though! 

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