Friday, September 28, 2012

Table Topics and Pink

This is a little random for today.

One of my loyal readers (ha,ha, my cute NY sister) sent me a gift that she thought would help my project.  It has been awesome!  I can't believe what stimulating and enlightening conversations we are now having at dinner.  Each card has a question-- they are called "Table Topics."  The questions are simple, but somebody did their homework because they work!  One night I was really laughing about how heated (in a good way) the conversation was about what they like to do at recess.  And practical for eating because the cards are protected from spaghetti fingers by a pretty clear box.

Speaking of acts of service, I've done my school shopping the last two years about a month after school and gotten some killer deals.  Like some cute cotton shirts at GAP for $3 and $5.  I always struggle finding P.E. shoes for my girls that are still feminine and cute, until I found these at a discount retailer for a great price.

My one well filler for last month, a splurge tube of NARS lipstick I read about on this cute girl's blog.  I haven't bought lipstick for 3 years.  So it's been fun and I even got a compliment today!  This tube was MIA for a few days, until I found what looked like some shady marks on the walls and carpet in a few places.  Luckily the lipstick did eventually turn up and wasn't as much worse for the wear as I thought it would be.  :)  And it came out of everything but the carpet.

The lipstick color is Roman Holiday.  I love it!  Just a touch of pink that feels updated without being crazy.

Happy weekend!  Have any fall weekend plans? For us:  soccer, a wedding, and some religion.

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