Monday, September 10, 2012

Basque Boy Eats - Watermelon Lemonade and Fresh Tomato, Mozzarella, and Egglplant Salad

I'm still trying to be a little creative in the kitchen with produce from my garden, when possible, just to save time and be healthy.

(and having some quick fun with photoshop, too...nothing too fancy)

(Update: 9/11: I wrote on the pic "buffalo mozzarella" because that is what is written on my British recipe, but I just used fresh mozarella from supermarket)

So we tried a simplified variation on a favorite recipe from when we lived in England, and it was SO yummy!  My kids liked all but the eggplant, and my husband and I had 3-4 bowlfuls each.  Super good.  I had made a soup at the same time and we ended up saving it for tomorrow.  :) 

1.  I cubed one eggplant into 3/4 inch pieces which I then sauteed in olive oil until soft (we had to add some extra olive oil part way through as the eggplant absorbed the first round), then let the eggplant cool. 

2.  We cut some garden tomatoes (8-10 medium tomatoes) into wedges and put them in a medium-sized bowl.

3.  Then we cubed up 1 lb. of fresh mozzarella (yum) and added it to the bowl with the tomatoes.

4.  Then we added some chopped fresh basil.

5.  Then extra virgin olive oil to coat all the things in the bowl and salt to taste (it always takes more salt than I think, but still better to under-salt and let people add more if they wish).

6.  Add just a two tablespoons of white vinegar.

7.  Add a pinch of sugar (I'm not sure how it would taste without it, but our British recipe called for it).

6.  Add the cooled eggplant and stir all the ingredients together.  It tastes better if it sits for a little while before eating so the flavors can meld together.


We enjoyed some watermelon lemonade from Sweetgreen that I found a recipe for on the Rockstar Diaries here.  So yummy and fresh I didn't even want dessert.

(ha ha, to go with our English recipe, lemonade in a pint glass that has always been a teetotaling pint glass)

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