Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We had some fun things planned for this week, but our plans have had to be modified since all five kids are sick and I'm on the verge, too.  So we went out for milk on Monday morning, all of us :), mostly alone in the early morning in our pj's and uncombed hair.  We picked out some fruit to try--fruits that aren't native to where we live.  We ended up having a wonderful day.  We came home and sampled our fruit.  The verdict: kumquats, great.  Guava, next favorite.  Dragon fruit: overripe but still okay.  It was like taking a trip without actually leaving our house.

Emerson has suddenly taken an interest in cars.  The other day he had a train in one hand and a car in the other and would not part with them for anything.  So after our fruit excursion we decided to race our cars. 

Some day I'm so going to miss those little hands!

Then I remembered an idea I saw on Pinterest. (I wish I could link to it, here is something else cute and easy I saw on Pinterest)

I realized at one point I had to get from behind the camera or I was going to miss it!  I vroomed my car enthusiastically and promptly got pulled over by a "policeman."  We had good laughs as we traded roles-- I was the bad guy a lot, crashing into other cars and driving recklessly into trees and off roads.  I was repeatedly put in jail by my laughing ten year old.  I remembered how fun this is!

They expanded my roads and added a "peach tree forest" (made of pine trees).  After I left to make lunch, I overheard them electing a "president."  They each took turns telling why they wanted to be president and what they would do, things such as: build new roads, maintain the car "hospital," improve the economy, create jobs, and defeat bad guys. Ha ha.  I didn't even know they knew about these kind of things.  They elected a new president every so often, with each child taking a turn.  They played at this all day (very little TV, and no other messes to worry about!).  The only melt down was when my six year-old came crying, really crying, that she "wasn't a good president" and couldn't be consoled. 

It was a good sick day (I know they don't look sick, but everyone has a nasty dry, hacking cough). 

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