Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ode to an Unfinished Batch of Laundry

Busy week--- I have a really funny story for tomorrow.  For today, in the spirit of babies, here is a poem I wrote about one of my girls.

Ode to an Unfinished Batch of Laundry

A patchwork of pinks
Lies disheveled on the tiled
Laundry floor,

The washer door
Half open,

Waiting patiently

Like Cinderella’s gloved footman

At her carriage.

A splash of sunlight reaches across the floor to

Warm us

On this wintry day,

As I cradle baby’s

Down-soft head in my hands--

Breathing in her sweet smell,

Soaking in her smiles,

And pressing her

Milk-soft cheek to


Letting the day melt away

As lullabies

Coo the

Half-finished laundry

Away into dreamland.

Here is a link to my favorite poem in this same vein.  Do you have a poem or story that inspires you?

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