Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I sat on the dusty white school gym floor and listened to my third grader sing "Zipity Do Dah," with the cutest sideways glancing smile on her face. The baby sat in my lap-- he wanted to get down and crawl around; it was a silent wrestling match. Little girls watching and wiggling in their mis-matched getups...sometimes two in my lap at a time. Even with the fidgets I had this surge of gratitude for my little ones. Its such a busy life with five kids but I'm so thankful for each one of them.

Watched a tiny tiny slug after walking kiddos to bus; normally I don't like slugs, but it was the first one my girls had ever seen. Watched it make a trail of silver on ground, lift a tiny head up as if trying to see something, and retract its antennae when lightly touched. They were both upset when a cute redhead came out with a shiny white cottage cheese bucket and removed it (for turtle feeding); my three year old was crying and wouldn't budge. Even I felt a little traumatized-- surprise-- but I'm glad she cares.

At reading time today three year old asked to look at a scrapbook of her older sister. There is a picture of my graduation, holding a little blond boy and a little blond girl with a neon pink flower, one on each knee (where did the time go?). Three year old said to me-- "Wow, Mom, thats sure a cute witch outfit you have on!"

Yesterday: ate popcorn-lime-flavored on the porch, read a story about a boy who prayed when scared at night (six year old scared a lot lately), and cried together at story and courage of NieNie.

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