Monday, May 21, 2012


Some highlights of the weekend:

Watching my little lambies actually follow Little Bo Peep over the "bridge," in front of grandparents while my baby said "Oh," "oh," very loudly while clapping with chubby hands. (especially when there were no other sounds, eliciting low audience chuckles)

Enjoying time with our sisters around the dining table in our messy house, learning that setting aside my housework can have good effect even with adults.

Sunday afternoon, tried to rig something out of cardboard to watch the eclipse with my ten year-old. Wasn't working. Our projections were just larger than a pin prick. We tried to "see it"-- but couldn't decide if the lopsided-ness of the projections were just from our lopsided cardboard holes. Ha. Hubby rigged something better out of a big white moving box we could stick our head in, then friends came over with a telescope and projected 6-inch diameter crescent on our deck. Even better, trailed all the kids to a neighbor's with welding goggles; took turns looking through them as moon became surrounded by a ring of fire and the landscape turned eerily gray and our friend's toddler picked their flowers. Slowly trailed home, ate homemade popcorn, kids played "nature reserve" in the weeds, watched the garden grow.

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