Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mini Vacation

Dearest friends, I am taking a few days off.  I have some posts I'm working on, I'll be back next week!  Believe me, I will miss you!

Until then, enjoy a few links:

Design Mom has some cute egg painted cartons and other fun Easter-related stuff here.

This woman, who survived a plane crash and burns over 80% of her body, is such a great example of a dedicated mother (one way she helped motivate herself to survive through a very long and painful recovery) and someone who is courageous and positive in the face of extreme hardship.

And these two, just for fun.  Here is a lifestyle blogger who went to Harvard with my sister.  She has a cute personality and helps those of us fashion-challenged people know what goes together and that kind of stuff.  And this one, a woman named Andrea, whom I found on Instagram.  I have really come to love for her open, confident, friendly personality, her love of her family, and her fun sense of style. And she always responds to my comments in a friendly way-- she is the real deal.  The kind of person who sounds fun to go get some ice cream with or something.

I have some super talented friends whose blogs and ideas I'd like to share, I'm just thinking maybe I should check with them first (?).

I will miss you!  Have a super happy week.

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