Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NYC Day 4

On day four my sister and I walked through the financial district, down Wall Street and past the New York Stock exchange, and on through Castle Clinton to the ferry.  We parted ways (sniff)-- she went to work and baby and I got on the ferry.  I have actually seen the Statue of Liberty before, and while I felt it was a little over-rated on my first trip (12 years ago), I thought the ferry ride (wait for the cheesy) out into the harbor and past the Statue was breathtaking and thrilling-- I don't know how else to describe it.  This time I didn't actually go to the statue, instead I went on to Ellis Island to the Immigration Museum.  I loved it.

To stay on topic with my project :), one of the reasons this trip and this day were so rejuvenating is that I crave doing certain things that became more difficult once I became a mother.  I love history (that is what I graduated in), but there is a dearth of good historical sites in the West.  It was really electrifying to see a place that has woven so much beauty into the diverse fabric of our country.  I felt inspired and humbled to be walking where so many brave immigrants tread on their path to freedom or opportunity all those years ago.

Even though it is hard to leave my kids, for me, I have to make sure I'm getting occasional times like this where I remember I'm a real person.  And get a little recharge.  So I can be a better, more enthusiastic, happy mother.  And so I can realize the treasure of these years-- that they won't last forever.

That said, I had such a wonderful time with my littlest one.  We really bonded.  And he was such a delightful travelling companion.  I also realized I need more time individually with my kids.


  Sorry this is blurry. 

  This little boy LOVED the ferry ride.  He was so adorable.

Did any of your ancestors come through Ellis Island?  I don't know if any of mine did.  One of my new favorite kid lit books is Moon Over Manifest by Claire Vanderpool.  So good.  Strong immigrant themes.

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