Friday, August 17, 2012

Dishwashing Poem

I referred yesterday to a poem I found and saved.  About washing dishes, of all things.  :)

If you want to see day 4 1/2 of NYC (New York public library, an attempt at the Tenement Museum, Chrysler Building lobby, and getting lost), see here.

I'm off on a mini date with two of my kiddos.  It was going to be just one, but the other one tried to get my attention by cleaning two bathrooms and mopping a room.  Ha ha.  I think he got my attention.  Cute.  I was trying to be really firm so a little girl could get some time with just me (I'm going to take each of them on a date before school starts), but I figure I can take her when the others are in school.  

(my kids were roughly this old at writing.  time is just flying too fast!)

I Saw Happiness

I saw happiness that
In a sink of dish washing
As my four year-old
Burst in to tell me
That our
Then, leaving me to my thoughts,
His hair standing up quizzically in the back,
I smiled within myself as
The door muffled his receding
Then through the kitchen window,
A perfect view
Of his sister,
Throwing her
Bouncy ball into the air with all her might,
Little arms barely clearing her head.
First trying the grass,
Then finding a better spot in the
Scrawled yesterday’s painted sidewalk,
Filled with
Bright blue and yellow balloons,
And a rudimentary hopscotch.
And I remembered that I’d given up
Office work,
And a world championship in the hurdles,
Subjected my body to stretch marks,
Varicose veins, and sleep deprivation experiments
(thinking as I read her Pooh that my head too was stuffed with fluff)
To watch my baby sleep,
Her soft breath moving in and out,
A two year-old throw her blue ball, unaware of observation,
And a crouching four year-old wonder at the latest
Wandering bug.
I laughed inside myself
To discover that
Happiness had somehow found me
Inside a bowl of rainbow-
swirling dish suds
As the sun filtered through the
Kitchen window
On a late Thursday

As always, suggestions appreciated!  Happy Friday!


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    1. Sorry, I'm having trouble with commenting. I love your poem. It reminds me of similar times with my children and it made me cry realizing those times are so quick. It's beautiful how sometimes the weight of motherhood lifts for a moment so we can see the beauty of it all.
      You are so motivating to me. I remember once visiting your home when you were a teenager. Your home was beautiful but I was most impressed by your room. Tacked to a door was a detailed list of goals. I thought you were the best teenager ever and was so impressed. I am delighted with your blog, it is just as motivating, if not more so. Thank you.

    2. Rachel, thanks so much for the kind and encouraging words-- you made my whole weekend. Some days I do wonder why I'm doing this, but then times like these help me keep going. :) I love what you said about the weight of motherhood lifting to give us a window into its beauty. What a beautiful way to put it. I can't wait to read your book!