Friday, December 28, 2012

Gift From the Heart

Okay, I have one of those confessions to make.  Yes, I thought yesterday was Friday!  Oops.  So here is a quick post for the real Friday, today.  My husband had to tease me for this a bit, because when he told me it was Friday I didn't believe him! 

(Since we moved our littlest boy and girl into the same room a couple of months ago, I've been wanting to make their curtains a little more gender neutral.  Since I had the baby's name, I made these curtains for him and Ava.  Not the most exciting gift -- last year we made him a shaker from a plastic bottle-- and I'm not the most stellar seamstress, but I'm really pleased with how they turned out, my bullet sweating notwithstanding)

Last year we started a new tradition in the family called "gift of the heart." I got the idea as an LDS missionary serving in Texas when I was in my low 20's and was invited to a kind family's home for Christmas. I was so impressed with their family and the way they celebrated Christmas that I tucked their ideas away in my head but only last year did I finally try them out. This has been a great experience for all of us. Its fun to see the kids get into it and fun to see what they will choose to make for their sibling. It is nice if it is handmade (a couple this year weren't, but that is ok), and has to be under $5.  I'm sure as our kids get older these will get better.  

 Four year-old Ava wanted to make her sister a pillowcase, so she picked out this fabric and the design and I made it. 

 Like what the baby made for my husband?  Polka dot curtains for a little bathroom privacy.  :)

 My six year old made this for me (incl. picking out the fabric) with help from me, but I let her push the pedal.  Isa, my nine year old, made little pockets for all with initials on them.

My 11 year old wanted to make "wings" for his 4 year old sis.  He mostly made them on his own.

My husband cleaned some windows for me that needed it, and one girl used her money to buy brother a latch hook kit to replace one he lost.

I enjoy that my kids are learning the true spirit of giving and enjoying the feelings they get when they gift their handiwork and hard work.

You can view last year's gifts here, toward the middle of the post.  I am probably helping a little too much, and I don't know how in the world this stellar seamstress got stuck sewing so many things, but I've loved the feeling this little gift exchange has had on our Christmas Eve, to usher in the special day.

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