Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 2

Walked with my kiddos to school on day 2; it was a great chance to chat with the school-aged kids (10 and 8).  It was a beautiful morning.  I took the youngest three on a detour to see some birds at a local bird refuge.  It made for a long walk, but it was so nice!  I'm finally doing things I've wanted to for so long!  I was a bit behind on my dishes and housework but I felt energized by doing something meaningful.  I did get them done quicker than I normally do, though my large pile of laundry was still sitting on my bedroom floor when I went to bed. 

On our walk, I was thinking about what people remember about you when you are gone.  I have never wondered if Abraham Lincoln's toilets were clean or if Mother Teresa had stylish clothes.  I tend to stress over my unmopped bathroom floor, the 20 pounds I need to lose, or that one of the weeds in my yard may very well be large enough to impale someone.  I know my kids care more about how I treat them, what I teach them, and what kind of memories we make together than about the size of my waist (though that is definitely on my list of to dos!).


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